We're Back Eventually | The Steve Dangle Podcast

We're Back Eventually | The Steve Dangle Podcast

On this episode of The Steve Dangle Podcast, what we think will happen in Gary Bettman’s press conference (00:00), the Lance Armstrong doc, and is the Tour de France terrible? (17:00), Adam’s history corner! (27:00), Leafs goal trivia! (37:00), Steve and Jesse react to Gary Bettman’s press conference (46:30), how do the Leafs matchup with Columbus (49:00), the most confusing draft lottery odds ever (54:00), where are the hub cities going to be? (1:04:00), the Last Dance flu / pizza / hungover game (1:15:00), the regular season is officially over! (1:21:00), and Buffalo Sabres are still doing things (1:31:00).

Originally aired:
May 26, 2020


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  1. This podcast demonstrates what happens when two twits and someone who is actually smart (not Steve or Adam) take a small bit of hockey info and incompetently extrapolate into neverland.

  2. Cyclist here, brother watches your podcast and sent me over. If you don't know the racers, the speed, and the effort required to race the tour it is definitely not as exciting. My cycling coach also works with a couple pro hockey players in montreal and he will give them bike workouts for their endurance, cycling is huuuuge cross training for hockey, just look at Chara!

  3. He really left to go to his daughter's FIRST birthday? Do they even have more than a short term memory at that stage?

  4. Really dug the war of 1812 outline. Cool overview. I’m reading a book about the navy battles on the Great Lakes.

  5. If a place holder wins the first overall pick before we even play hockey, why
    Wouldn’t they blow the series to get him?

  6. There is NO REASON to involve the drat in this stupidity, Why not just leave the draft the way it is? I don't even think I can watch this joke, or consider the winner anything but "Fake champions"

  7. the "rumor" is true. i've played twice in the past week here in arizona. but we had to rent the ice and they "limited" it to 16 + goalies

  8. I don't understand why almost every league not only 1 wants more teams in the playoffs if the whole thing is have the lowest amount of people in one place at one given time why have almost every team there. And 2 what about next season. You could have a situation where after the playoffs are the next season could "start" just a few weeks later. I think they should have just cancelled the season. Same with the NBA

  9. i noticed this talk about buffalo being screwed out of the playoffs, but if you look even further, you see that the devils had the exact same record. How crazy would that have been if the devils made the playoffs after completely letting down their fan base throughout the year AND selling off at the trade deadline

  10. At some point Steve, you’re going to understand that this virus may be an inevitability (Queue Thanos gif). “Flattening the curve” is a tactic used to slow the spread so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system. People should be encouraged to go out and socialize and a new social norm should be enacted to stay home if you’re sick. Enforcement with thermometer guns may be necessary, particularly at large gatherings (sporting events, theatres, etc.) SteveDangle

  11. Please please please do your show idea. You would get a lottttt of views I feel. Also yea if you do, we need to see steve swing a golf club first episode : p stay healthy folks!

  12. Check out this YouTube video by the hockey skate down about Taylor hall rumours about him joining the leafs! Interesting video would love if u guys talked about it!

  13. Upper Canada and Lower Canada were called such based on their position along the St. Lawrence River. Upper Canada was up river, closer to the source of water and Lower Canada was down river, closer to the mouth of the river.

  14. Upper and Lower Canada make sense because they are referring to the Upper and Lower parts of a the St Lawrence River.

  15. Vezina should definitely be hellebuyk, task and markstrom, with Bishop as an hm. Absolutely criminal that Steve didn't mention markstrom

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