An intimate, unflinching portrait of Whitney Houston and her family that probes beyond familiar tabloid headlines and sheds new light on the spellbinding trajectory of Houston’s life. Oscar®-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald unravels the mystery behind “The Voice,” who thrilled millions even as she struggled to make peace with her own troubled past.

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  1. One movie cannot adequately depict the tremendous talent that was Whitney. The world loved her so much. Rest in peace sweet angel.

  2. Carla Linton. May Whitney Houston's Soul R. I. P. In heaven With The Good Lord Jesus Christ 😇🙏🙌. I love and miss her so much 💔❤️.

  3. She is a musical genius. But, Everybody forgot she was still human. Everybody always took something from her. She never had a life of her own. She must’ve been very lonely and hurting. 💔

  4. May angels tenderly cradle Whitney in the highest of heaven realms & suffuse her with the bliss of Heaven. May her loved ones be cradled by angels as well. Her beauty and angelic voice will always be treasured.🌷💕✨🌸🌷💎🌷💕✨

  5. Artists are unbearably pressured contractually into grueling, lethal schedules that end up profoundly shortening their lives—seldom mentioned in their stories. It’s humanly impossible for them to keep up these world tour schedules without drugs/alcohol, etc. Too many have died this way with no one to protect them.

  6. Her family used her for her fame & money. Robyn was the one who truly knew and cared for Whitney

  7. 45:26 Al Sharpton calling for the boycott of "Whitey" Houston.

    1:53:32 Al Sharpton calling for the press to respect her upon her passing.

    Whitney deserved the same respect in both life and death.

  8. Watched the entire movie. She was our marryn Monroe beginning of the movie shows a little Dead black boy overlooked by everyone commenting, the symbelism is stunning Whitney grew up in the hood like most of us Black people she could have been that little Dead boy who Police killed she was subjected to hood demons like average African Americans it was her time all I can say is thank you to her family for sheltering her from the hood and Newark Police department during the riots.

  9. Damn did Whitney just shade my girl Paula Abdul! Yeah she’s not the best singer but she’s a killer performer who “raised” the Jackson brothers in terms of dancing and stage shows. Damn Whitney it’s like that. I used to watch slot of footage of young Whitney from old videos but I never seen this one.

  10. Very good documentary. I feel this is closest to the real truth of her life we will ever get they brought out some ugly truths. I always knew Bobby wasn't the issue of her drug use if anything they dragged him along, it was her family. Bobby just couldn't get out of his own way at the time. It appears her family especially her brothers let her down in a lot of ways. There is a reason her brother(s) dont like her. Roybn kept her together & she kept everyone from sucking everything out of her. Again it appears that way.

  11. Many woman can relate to Whitney Houston falling for the wrong man, on her journey looking for love, no matter what she did we love her and miss her.


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