Why Are Some Fans Convinced JoJo Siwa Came Out As A Lesbian

Why Are Some Fans Convinced JoJo Siwa Came Out As A Lesbian

The Nickelodeon star, JoJo Siwa, celebrated her birthday eve with a “wipe” TikTok video, and fans always love it when she sheds her classic look for a more relaxed and natural style. The next natural step was Twitter freaking out but, but, I mean like a hard but okay? Twitter is now convinced this is her coming out as a lesbian. We all know how reliable Twitter is, right? But now I am too deep in this rabbit hole, to go back. So let’s investigate together why Twitter is calling JoJo a lesbian. Disclaimer: We are not outing her and we do not think so at all. She is 17 and until she doesn’t come out herself, we will not confirm anything. This is just tearing apart Twitter’s logic and not JoJo’s sexuality. How Did Speculation That JoJo Siwa Coming Out As A Lesbian Start? This isn’t the first time JoJo Siwa has let her hair down in recent weeks, but the “wipe” video she shared on her TikTok on the eve of her 17th birthday has many fans speculating that the kid star is teasing a less technicolor future. Talking about how her contract will soon be over. Can’t stop talking about her height but Why are they talking about her sexuality!?!?‘Masked Singer’s JoJo Siwa Takes Out Ponytail & Reveals Natural HairRELATED: MASKED SINGER’S JOJO SIWA TAKES OUT HER PONYTAIL AND THE INTERNET IS GOING CRAZZZYFirst of all, let’s take a moment to recognize the strong a brand JoJo has built, she takes off her pony and next thing you know, the internet is quaking. Now back to the lesbian accusations that are swirling on the internet, one Twitter user has an explanation and it somewhat makes sense but then again, does anything on the internet nowadays? Many are saying this is an indication that perhaps JoJo’s time with Nickelodeon may be coming to an end. The former “Dance Moms” star signed with the brand back in 2017 and has since spawned a branding empire but now that she’s 17, she might be ready for a new career. Finally, one Tweeter is saying what I am feeling in the core of my pit, “you know, when i woke up today, i didn’t think I’d see the phrase “jojo siwa” and “tiktok lesbian” in the same tweet and yet Here We Are.”I can’t find ANY other reason why Twitter is convinced she is lesbian except she has the conventional ‘Twitter Lesbian’ look, which is the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard but welcome to the internet. In case you were wondering, get a life, and let this 17-year-old live her life. Just read this Tweet and move on. Happy birthday JoJo Siwa!

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Why Are Some Fans Convinced JoJo Siwa Came Out As A Lesbian:



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  1. Exactly. She puts her hair in a ponytail, people have a problem with it. She leaves her hair down and now she is lesbian??‍♀️ What is wrong with some people?

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