Woman Thou Art Loosed


Woman Thou Art Loosed

Woman Thou Art Loosed follows the life of Michelle Jordan (Kimberly Elise) who is raised in a home of dysfunction and abuse. The years of mistreatment from her mother’s (Loretta Devine) boyfriend results in Michelle’s entanglement in the world of drugs, prostitution and imprisonment. It is behind bars that Michelle finally receives the help she needs. It is the counseling Bishop T.D. Jakes (as himself) that empowers Michelle to start on the road to healing.

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  1. Have anyone seen woman thou are loosed on the 7th day? It suppose to be a sequel to this movie.. but I'm not sure why I cant watch it anywhere.. it came out 2012

  2. Look! I’m a new/attractive/young preacher on fire for the Lord!


  3. Wow on this movie. Thankful to watch. Thankful, for healing even tho it's not complete yet. Thank u Jesus, God bless bishop jakes..


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