Women Are Pervs Too – Crotch Cam Social Experiment

Women Are Pervs Too – Crotch Cam Social Experiment

Do women check out guy’s crotches? I caught these women on camera staring and more. So it seems that women are pervs too lol. More to come.. First part show.

Men are seen as pervs and I ain’t going to lie when I see a fit girl with a nice ass I check it out like most other guys. this video shows that women are also pervs as they’re checking out.



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  1. Feminists : uses ninja card and turns invisible in this comment section.. LOL yo what you call, if man checks out a women? [ I'm talking to the dumb Bit©H feminists ]

  2. Should have your black friend dude and then the white ladies will really turn on as they love and can’t stop thinking about the bbc.

  3. When u cut onion in front of your eye and u get tears on your eye its not that your eyes are not good ,it's natural similarly sex desires too don't comment any one or any gender on this topic. Just take care that desires do not exceed their limits

  4. Bro of course we r going to look tf. I feel like men would do the same thing because if it’s bulging out we aren’t going to not look.

  5. But why are people surprised that women like to stare and be "perverts" too? Like we're all sexual beings , women just hide it more often because of societies standards, plus some guys are just f*cking crazy . For every straight man that's having sex , there's a woman having sex. So we're no different

  6. Honestly, I don’t like this stereotypes that one gender is naturally a pervert

    We’re all humans, and humans become attracted to the opposite gender parts, especially if they’re larger than intended

    Examples include: both gender reproductive parts, breasts, and butts

  7. Dudes: “when guys do it it’s perverted though ?”

    Me: it’s 2020! women want men to look at them like that these days ?. (honestly I don’t think anybody cares anymore ?)

  8. I’ll admit I like to look at young woman’s sexy legs when they wear short shorts. ?? But Im guessing they dress like that because they want the attention off boys. Esspecially if they’re wearing it on a night out However I think crotch bulge thing is a bit different as if a guy has big dick, he can’t really do much to hide it, similar to how a woman can’t hid having big boobs.

  9. What video was it where someone was trying to take a photo but her flash was on and she was trying to play it off?

  10. So, nakedness, sexual attraction and sex itself is "perverted"???
    People's brains have been fucked up to the MAX by the moronic religious cults.

  11. I kinda want too see what happens if I do this at my school. It's a stupid idea that's why I'll leave it to the idiots out there.

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