Women BFFs Go To A Nude Spa

Women BFFs Go To A Nude Spa

Women BFFs Go To A Nude Spa

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  1. Here in Belgium and also in the Netherlands it is pretty normal to go tot a nude Spa. I love going there. After spending a day in a spa you just feel reborn.

  2. I was at the bar one time overheard a couple Russian girls talking about going to the nude Spa in Florida and they're complaining about how there was no hot American guys and how it was just old farts and fat girls and the one girl said that it would have been better if there's even just one attractive girl ….. I leaned over and told" her welcome to America."

  3. BuzzFeed will burn in hell read the Quran find out your fate find out what happens to you when you leaed women down the road homosexuality study the Quran soon Sharia law will be in America soon you will be flying off of a building

  4. Why you are so prude? I when to the nude spa.. with three gay guys and one I barely know. It doesn’t has to do with beauty but with the willingness to RELAAAAAAAAX ?

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