World Naked Bike Ride event in Lima, women cycle in Mexico city for International Women's Day


World Naked Bike Ride event in Lima, women cycle in Mexico city for International Women's Day

Around 300 people got on their bicycles naked or wearing very little clothing, and rode through the streets of the Peruvian capital, Lima, on Saturday in celebration of the World Naked Bike Ride and to urge authorities do do more to protect cyclists.
“We are here at this naked bike ride event to encourage people to ride bikes and to make authorities aware about the fragility of the human body in the event of a possible clash with a vehicle,” said cyclist Hernan Guillen.
Saturday’s cyclists, many wearing only their underwear, also asked officials to increase the number of cycle lanes.
Lima police do not keep a record of the number of cyclists hit by vehicles in a city of about 10 (m) million people, where the streets are busy with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
This was the ninth year that riders in Lima have held the Naked Bike Ride event.
Elsewhere, in Mexico City, nearly a thousand people, mostly women, held a bicycle ride of a different kind.
Cyclists kept their clothes on but rode their bikes wearing high heels to mark International Women’s Day.
The event, organised by a women’s cycling group, also encouraged more women to ride their bikes to work.
“This is to demonstrate that clothing is not an obstacle to be able to use the bicycle as a mode of transportation,” said Berenice Rivera, one of those taking part.
The annual bike ride is also a way for women to protest against what they say is undeserved attention when they ride their cycles through the city streets wearing dresses and heels.
Saturday’s ride marked the fourth year of the high heels biking event.
The idea has spread to other cities in Latin America.

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