X-Pac confronts Chyna – SUBSCRIBE @OpieRadio podcast

X-Pac confronts Chyna – SUBSCRIBE @OpieRadio podcast

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  1. Man read the Bleacher Report. She was a mess on her own.

  2. The fact she won’t take a lie detector shows she is such a liar not that you can’t tell she is playing “victim” and lying even before that. What a loon she is..

  3. She kept saying I'm taking the high road. An I really wish she wouldn't have because she might be here today if she hadn't.

    -although that was an overdose joke, it's actually probably true, had she not been lying an in denial she probably could have gotten the help she needed an not looked to drugs for the answer.

    -an honestly the fact that she is proven to be lying in this video Ike 10 times jus shows everything. I specifically like the one part where they're asking China if she had ever told a lie that she wants to confess about and xpac I thought he was talking to him and he answered truthfully by saying yeah so he was going to admit to wise that he made up but they asked the questions to China and she denied it and said no I never done any of that. So you can clearly tell he is trying to make a mends for the past an she just wants the put the blame on everybody else.

  4. I was recently faulsly accused of rape by my ex girlfriend, she acted the exact same way as Chyna is in this video.

  5. "i don't need to defend myself" after accusing many people of rape, abuse and other things. Fuck her to the moon.

  6. What's sad is that Chyna spoke like 4 or 5 languages fluently. She could have had a successful life after wrestling. (And it would have been better for her had she never gotten into wrestling.)

  7. They were both fucked up, Sean was in his admittance phase and slowly cleaning up. Joannie was still an addict in denial, of course she was lying.

    All these comments condemning her though is still uncalled for, yes Sean went through shit in his youth, however so did Joannie so end of the day the flames are uncalled for.

    Just a sad, sad situation for all involved.

  8. I'm a female so I'm the victim – Chyna …. Women want to be treated equal until they don't like the outcome then ….

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