Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi

Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi

This is “Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi” by Pearl Kyoudai, from the NHK ni Youkoso! OST. I have seen a lot of requests for it on the net, so here it is. Feel free to request, and enjoy!



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  1. Yume no TENTO uragaesu you ni
    Shiawasena jikan moyou jimi ni kaete
    Kami ga kuchite kibamu no to onaji
    Boku no kotoba wa MASHIN no naka de kooru

  2. lol alot of the depressing/lonely comments on here are from college kids. you guys have plenty to live for and a long time to develop long lasting relationships. meet someone worth the effort

  3. In this anime we learn the key to happiness is learning how to care for one another.  There is so much loneliness in this world.  It is not hard to find someone who needs you.  But learning to care is an art:  learning to give of oneself is a life long process.  We begin like amateurs, we stumble, fall, make mistakes; then we get up and try again.  Eventually, over time, our skills become more refined.  Some of us learn faster than others, but hopefully we are all going in the same direction:  to be selfless.  Sato learns to love throughout the anime, and he almost loses the one who has loved him all along near the end.  Miyaki is the 'wounded healer' from the beginning, desperately trying to save Sato, while at the same time dressing the wounds of her own internal pain.  May all of us on this post learn from the characters in NHK.  May we learn to care for those who enter the fabric of our lives.  May we watch and not let anyone slip through the cracks.  

  4. Newsflash!  I just found the instrumental described below isolated in a nice video.  Just search in you tube:  "Hitori no Tame no Lullabye".  It is by Pearl Kyoudai, the group which does the soundtrack for NHK.  Its only about 2 minutes, and is a replica of soundtrack in Ep. 13 at 6:20, except minus the characters speaking.  Very lovely.  

  5. For those seeking an instrumental version of this song:  You can hear this under the character script in Episode 13 beginning at about 6 minutes 20 seconds into the episode. It is a beautiful instrumental, with a guitar playing the solo where the voice would sing.  Sounds almost like the guitar is weeping.

  6. So ive had depression and anxiety disorders my whole life, back in 2010 I had a really rough patch and could barely leave my house, by coincidence I stumbled across the Welcome To The NHK dvd, and without sounding cliché, it really helped, helped me rationalise and changed my life in a very certainw ay. I owe a lot to Welcome To The NHK, I got a tattoo of Sato recently to commemorate the end of this rough patch.

  7. You know the one thing about depression? 
    It spreads.
    You can feel it growing from the center, freezing your hands, your feet, your lungs, to the point where it takes over your entire body and causes you to become noting more than motionless flesh and blood. How does one get out of depression? It's not so easy to say, anyone who is depressed gets depressed for many different reasons. I grew up without friends, which seems to be a recurring element to those who have depression, and I felt the world did not need me and I was just a waste of space. I'm glad I'm out of that mindset, life was getting more painful because I made it so, I was scared to be happy (And still am to a certain extent) to the point where I look back at it as me being a masochist. Meeting up with some acquaintances from my child hood that quickly turned into friends  has really made an impact on my view of life. I know my story won't match with all people with depression, but to those who do, get a friend to share that weight with, you can't carry it all on your own. 

  8. Some of the lyrics in english: 
    "I realize my empty uselessness…
    welcome to loneliness
    loneliness… loneliness"

  9. how can a simple guitar make me so sad? i wonder if all the people who liked this show are a little bit broken… and if it has helped any of them to move on.

  10. Hey people, juat though I'd leave some insight. Go talk to people. Go put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Lifes to short to be serious and lonely all the time. Its hard to find to find a good friend but if u open up to enough people u might find that one person who u truly get along with. Might not be a sexy cutter chick like Misaki, could be the last person u expected, but u wont know until u start to open up a little.

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