Ypu Chose Mine: Justmine Love Story Epi 8 2/3


Ypu Chose Mine: Justmine Love Story Epi 8 2/3

Hey guys. I am sooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrryy for not posting but blame youtube it wasn’t leting me upload. So anywhooos back to the story:

About an hour later they are still waiting no one is really saying anything to them. They all are just looking at each other but deep down are thinking the worst at this point. If Jasmine was ok the doctors would have come already but they haven’t. They are all trying to think positive but the time is ticking and no one is telling them anything. Caitlin and boys arrive.

Caitlin: Hey guys. How’s Jasmine doing??
Lisa: bursts into tear and Scooter trying to console her but it’s not working.
Justin: Its been a damn hour and they haven’t told us anything yet.
Caitlin: Well we just have to stay positive.
Justin: Staying fucking positive how can I its my fault she’s in there.
Ryan: Dude realax she’s going to be fine
Chaaz and Christian: Yea dude.
Caitlin: Justin what happen?? Why is this your fault??
Justin: Explains them what happen with Mo and tells them bout the kiss in the video. And tells them his theory bout Mo being a mad fan.
Chaz: My man you scored home. Yup that’s my Biebs. Goes for a high five.
Justin: Just looks at him and wanting to snap at him but decides to control himself.
Caitlin: Looking at Ryan with disgust. Justin this not your fault you know your fans and plus you didn’t know she was a fan.
Justin: I know but still I feel guilty bout it.
Ryan: Dude don’t worry she’s going to be fine.
Ryan and Christian: Yea dude
Caitlin: I think we should all hold hands and maybe do a lil prayer
Ryan: Yea I agree with Caitlin.
Justin: OK

So they go over to where Lisa and Scooter are and they tell bout doing a lil prayer they both agree. (btw Lisa is introduced to Ryan, Chaz and Christian) They pray for Jasmine’s health and for her well being. They all go and sit but the only standing is Justin and is pacing back and forth making everyone a lil dizzy. Cailtin goes into the cafeteria to get Lisa some hot tea to calm her down. So it’s 2 hours later and no one is saying anything to them. Justin walks over to the nurse’s desk.

Justin: (high pitched voice and annoyed) We have been here for 3 hours and no one is saying anything to us.
Nurse: Annoyed. Well that means there is not to tell you yet.
Justin: Well can you check if the doctors are still with her.
Nurse: Im sorry but you are going to just have to wait.
Justin: WHAT.. Do you know who I am??
Nurse: Not amused what so ever. No I don’t and if you don’t go sit down I will have security escort you out.
Ryan and Chaz walking over to Justin
Justin: I would like to see that happen.
Ryan and Chaz: Dude lets go sit down.
Nurse: I think you should listen to your friends before you get yourself into trouble.
Justin: Well maybe if you would do your job right maybe we wouldn’t be having problems.
Ryan and Chaz now grabbing Justin but Justin is not giving up.
Nurse: Young you are pushing your luck
Justin: Well then do your GOD DAMN JOB.
Nurse: Calling security
Ryan: Talking to the nurse please don’t do it my friend will sit and he won’t bother you.
Chaz: Yea and plus he’s just really nervous his gf is in there (totally lying)
Justin: Guys you don’t need to talk for me I just want to know what’s wrong with Jasmine.
Security: Who do I need to escort out???
Nurse: Now pointing at Justin.
?????: Jasmine Marie Villegas’s family
Justin: Running to see who that was??
Everyone has we are
??????: Ohh ok you all don’t have to yell at me.

Ok so this was part 2 now cross your finger so that i can upload the 3rd part 🙂

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