900 Million XRP Transaction. Bittrex Adding XRP/USD. XRP Hit 30 cents!

900 Million XRP Transaction. Bittrex Adding XRP/USD. XRP Hit 30 cents!


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  1. Careful…The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.Pot stocks you are clueless and can get in trouble advising on it and you didn't preface your not an F.A.Seriously,I am in the financial regulatory business.

  2. There are still mental patients saying XRP $50 or $100??? Really?? That would be a potential 5 to 10 trillion dollar market cap!!! 10x more expensive than apple? More than all the world banks combined? You are clearly delusional and need mental health help immediately!!

  3. Your camera is fighting that huge blast of sunlight coming in through that window move your setup away from the window! That's why it's so dark your ISO is going crazy

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  5. Robert Pemberton
    #Ripple strategic objectives:
    – Capture Forex Market ($5.1 Trillion)
    – Capture Derivatives market ($1.2 Quadrillion)
    – Provide banks liquidity via #xrapid and #xrp ($27 Trillion)
    Total: $1.232 Quadrillion
    Even if xrp captures only 10% of that total, it equals $1,232 per xrp coin

  6. Bought my max last night on Uphold at $.37 and just might do a repeat tonight.

    Remember, doesn't matter what price you bought at and where the price goes short-term. Unless you're a day-trader, we're all waiting for real-world utility, which is in the pipe, which will ultimately drive price long-term and XRapid is comming this year. Institutional investment products are in the pipe for this year.

    Once XRP is up at $10 or beyond because of utility, it won't matter if the price dipped to $.33, $.21 or even $.01. The only time you loose is when you sell. Don't play into JP and Goldman's hands and give them cheap XRP to buy up. Hold that sh1t and buy some more, if finances allow, because once the cork pops, there's no going back for more cheap XRP.

  7. Hey everyone REMEMBER, XRP is going to be a global asset used by ALL industries. This infrastructure has been in the works for years. Everyone else involved is way too deep into this, Ripple and RippleNet, to change course now. The decisions were made years ago. We're almost finished working out the details.

  8. I bear on this subject for a long time and I monitor the forecasts. Guess what. Should I tell you? I assure you, ODYSSEY this year will fly up so that you can't even imagine. Use my link and receive them free of charge

  9. Alex – I can see in the map you showed to us that India is having bank partnership and few payment you know who are those payments provider in India with which ripple is working

  10. I dont get it, i thought the volume was what was going to drive the price up? 700 million transaction?

  11. Yea,I don"t Like the price drop but, I'm not selling ANY until it hits $50.00 SO whenever that is? I will be A millionaire.

  12. how can you enjoy a price drop of 90% since ATH, I'm back were I started a year ago, I would rather be at 5$ right now and start taking small profits in stead of losing value every day

  13. ¿Bien? ¿Hay quienes están interesados ​​en ganar mucho dinero? Aconsejo comprar un par de miles de tokens de Telegram y olvidarme de ellos por un año o dos. Se proporciona un crecimiento improbable

  14. The ZILLIQA was mentioned in video) This coin is really very long-range. Now they are conducting an airdrop on

  15. Can people stop celebrating the price tanking? I know it's optimism but it makes the XRP community look totally naive. Let's not pretend that our (currently) bad investments are anything other than bad. I've spent over $10k on XRP, and it was a bad investment because if I had waited I could've had way more shares. Even if XRP makes me a millionaire, investing a week ago was still a bad idea. Please stop celebrating and admit that right now, things suck.

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