Best way to lube the Harbor Freight towable backhoe

Here I discuss how to lubricate the movable parts on a harbor freight towable backhoe.
Cheapest place to get hydraulic oil
harbor freight grease gun

Advance auto 4″ Grease Gun Needle Nose Adapter
Part # W54216

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  1. Purchase a LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL and you'll never have any issues with attaching or removing the grease gun coupler again. The XL version can get into deeply recessed areas easily. Every grease gun should have one of these. It's worth every penny. https://smile.amazon.com/LockNLube-Grease-Gun-Coupler-XL/dp/B06Y2GBFFT/ref=sr_1_5

  2. The middle grease fitting of backhoe. Is in the middle. I raise boom up and extend out so i can grease that big middle pin.

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