Coi Leray SNAPS at Trippie Redd and His Ex Ayleks! | ALLTY4 Confirmed

Coi Leray SNAPS at Trippie Redd and His Ex Ayleks! | ALLTY4 Confirmed

A lot has happened since Trippie Redd and Coi Leray’s official break up. From the confirm release of A Love Letter To You 4 to signs that he wants Ayleks back? Then Coi Leray breaks silence and throws shade at Trippie Redd and Ayleks.

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  1. I'm a lil late but trippie needssss to stay single for a bit cus if he doesn't find his happiness on his own,he'll never be happy.

  2. Why does 6ix9ine and ayleks look better as an couple they look alike i hope in not the only one who pointed this out lmao

  3. These females lowkey weird these days dont know what they want they play hella games we gotta introduce em to the PS4

  4. Trippie a fucking simp. Ayleks played him for a fool and now she’s about to play him for another round. Lmao, he gets what he gets. He’s fine because ALLTY4 tore up the charts so he sitting pretty, but Ayleks just sees that shit, and now she swooping in to steal the spoils from Trippie cuz he popping. 1/10 chance it lasts.

  5. Ayo I had to pause when u asked "did he see my video?"??? bruh literally everybody spammed his comments wit ALLTY4 as soon as it happened cuz niggas already knew what time it was??

  6. Buddy all that extra free ass talking for no reason got damn. I had to end the video after 2 minutes.

  7. Trippy got demons bro…wen you get cheap ass dirty tattoos and fuck your face up with that ink….the money and the weed my cover up the depresson and the image issues but home boy cant sustain with out some fake love and a woman by his side

  8. He's not faking shit. If he depressed then he depressed. He cant help that his depression creates music for him that he is in the position to actually put out there. Like what??????

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