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Hello boys. Let’s talk about bone structure.
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  1. This is the greatest straw man ever. Skull measurement? Are you serious? What do (most) women find attractive in men?
    1. Self-confidence, humor and intelligence
    2. Physical characteristics: Tall men (at least 6 feet) and men with at least normal penis size
    3. Social status and professional success: Women don't usually date down. There are rarely female doctors who date male nurses, but there are many pilots who have a relationship with a stewardess.
    This doesn't apply to all women and every woman places more value on other things. For example, there are short men who have a successful relationship, but they can compensate it with good qualities. It isn't impossible for them to find a partner, but it is more difficult.
    We can overall say that women have higher expectations on men, which is why some men are excluded from the dating pool. These are the so-called Incels.

  2. Loneliness leads to inferiority complex, self-hate, depression and even suicide. A person who has no intimate contact to another person is a mental wreck.

    Does that justify hating women? No. Is it a serious problem? Yes. I'm speaking from experience. It hurts.

  3. This video has 3.5mm views and 31k comments. Lily Orchard's most popular video has only 171 comments and 4.3mm views.

  4. I want to fuck a rainstorm after this video and I'm not sure how to feel about that. No scratch that, I want to make love to it.

  5. Your voice is amazing and this video quality is out of this world. Looking forward to watching the rest of the vids on this channel

  6. Me: has thalassophobia
    Also me: is submissive
    Me again: oh my god the ocean is soooo fucking hot!!!

  7. My favorite thing about incels is that they think they know everything about women despite rarely ever talking to one

  8. I just found your channel. Please keep speaking truth to bullshit. You've helped me understand a lot of new terms and movements. Can I ask that you do a piece on Qanon / 4chan?

  9. Incels are men with a very low confidence and self esteem. Don't forget those people are damaged and broking. They are probably bullied, abused or rejected their whole life. That's why they getting a negative and nihilistic sight of life.

    1- Stop pornography and masturbation, getting rid of it and you will be a better and more attractive person. You have too take control of your sexual stress, so you can make better conversations with women, without embarrassing your self.
    2 – Build a strong physically body, do intensive exercises, cold showers, whatever, learn to be a stronger person and learn how to use stress in a good way instead of anger, anxiety and depression, and your testosterone will be more active
    3 – Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself all the time, you can be a very toxic and negative person for your environment, that's why people rejecting you, because they don't feel comfortable around your negative energy. You also getting rid of people how are having an negative influence on you. Don't let become their problems your problems.
    4 – Stop pleasing and saying sorry for everything you don't need too. Be straight and say just what you want and how it is without feeling embarrassing about it. You can never keep everyone happy, and if they don't like you, it's their problem
    5 – Don't try too understand women too much. It is a good thing if you giving them a listening ear. But stay away of your feminine side, or you can lose your mental manliness. Where men are different than women, that's why we like each other.
    6 – Be a positive and value person of your self. Get rid of all that drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and fastfood, and take good care of yourself. Get also rid of everything that gives you negative energy.

    Just take your shit together.

  10. great video, like&sub.
    but why there's no moments with french/latin language ?
    you know, for the atmosphere

  11. I guess I don't really get it. Sex is… fine. It can be fun, it can be meaningful, it can be awkward, it can be unpleasant. Like most things. There are so many things that are better than sex, like a good steak or sinking into a hot tub after a hard day or a shower beer. Incels need to experience more of human pleasure and maybe they'd relax enough about sex to actually attract a human to fuck them and prove my point.

  12. This video got personal with me. I'm stepping outside of myself and seeing that some of my habits are not conducive to forming… friendships. I definitely learned more terminology, think I'm redpilling going to black, and that as you say, I'm just gonna have to filter my browser from hitting certain sites.

    Late as I be, thank you for putting this out here.

  13. I'm real sorry to bring up the 'kind of sexist old man' but what the Incels are doing is embracing a false Thoroughly Postmodern Millie narrative (but certainly no 'grand' one). I don't mean to be cruel, just concise enough to have some fun with it. I don't believe the culprit is internet use — that is a symptom. I can speak from long experience on this, having grown up with a parent who did defense work, computers, and we had access (dedicated second plain old telephone line) from home to said parent's work mainframe. I've been online (of course with supervision, are you kidding?) as a 'friend' with access to what should be accessible to me since 1975. I still to this day put as little time into the internet as necessary to do whatever is required/conveniently done thereby, to listen (usually in radio fashion unless there are charts to review) to opinion pieces like this, that or the other — I cover the waterfront with my no longer glorious once Chadesque body. Then I move on. Living in the 'net' is a symptom not a cause, trust me. I'm going on 58 here, for the record, I didn't require Jordan Peterson's advent to remind me to clean my room, nor am I some OCD clean-freak 'normie' I'm a musician — far worse 🙂 From a time when 'progressive' and 'woke' were conditions best described as 'easygoing' and 'always willing to listen and consider.' and both would be true, in fact. I never needed to be schooled in the fact that — hey, non-tradition-conforming folks are just people, too <3 Or, you know, whatever subjective 'other' demographic you might be hung up about Peace

  14. Thanks for this neat deconstruction. I honestly was ignorant of the term until last year, but as soon as I became familiarized my BS-alarm was chiming. I've been accused of being a member of the tribe, you see, and, being ignorant, enlightened myself enough to essentially have a good laugh at yet another Postmodern 'tribal collective' and their utter BS. Widowed a number of years now (don't be sad, I no longer am; grown up men and women deal with these things in time), so the very definition (in fact) of 'involuntarily celibate' but, what? I should blame my deceased wife for this? is there somewhere I can undertake 'bitterness' training, or am I too old now?

  15. Those first 86 seconds were pretty uncomfortable to listen to. Like, I can watch violence and brutality in movies all day, but that was disturbing because it felt like the thoughts of a real person. The same reason Joker got under my skin. It's like I'm watching evil and psychopathy fester in a real person.

  16. Incels are so fucking stupid. Just go to the gym 2 hours a day, eat a ton of protein, and done. Everyone will want to fuck you.

  17. lol not me. I'm 32 & my bf can deadlift 500, bench 305, & is still pumped up on anabolics, hgh, & thyroid hormones😂


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