"Kerrang!'s American Idiot Abomination" Album Review

"Kerrang!'s American Idiot Abomination" Album Review




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  1. This album is a huge insult to one of green day's biggest and most successful albums why make trash like this where there is only one good song that is actually quite close to the actual song and what I mean is American idiot while the rest are bad shame on the magazine for making an album that was already perfect to begin with

  2. In my opinion, the shittiest thing about this album is that the bands themselves are kinda good! I fucking hate the fact that they not only slandered Green Day, but they wasted their damn talent doing so!!! They actually produce quality content, and then they SHIT on my FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!! How the fuck are these bands not ashamed of themselves?! They have talent, and they DIDN'T FUCKING USE IT!!! (except Neck Deep, dude blew me the fuck away.) But even then, I can understand why people like these bands, but these covers are FUCKING HORSESHIT!!!

  3. the bowling for soup track was good in my opinion this guy is just having a hissy fit over everything because its not 100% greenday yes i am a huge fan of gday too but they are not gonna sound exactly the same and yes most tracks on this album sucked but not all of them were bad

  4. frank iero is the only person that has the mindset to cover american idiot he was my chemical romance tied with green day, linkin park, and blink 182 for my all time favorte band so the only rtist on here that has the mindset and the know how to cover american idiot that was on this album is frank iero album gets a 0 out of 10 and frank iero song is the only one that makes sense even though his verson sucks

  5. You're being an elitist about a punk band and by extension your are now the biggest oxymoron in this side of the hemisphere. "If you like this album, I question your taste in music" who the fuck do you think you are?

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