NO TENDERNESS (Bakudeku animatic)


NO TENDERNESS (Bakudeku animatic)

a personal comfort project i’ve been working on for a little over a week to help myself destress and get a grip on my own art again. i’m still not 100% happy with this but i put a lot of heart into it. i hope you enjoy

this video is not meant to be taken as canon. this is my own interpretation based on personal experiences & self projection in order to help myself cope. bakugou is a character i see myself in
yes, deku forgives bakugou at the end of my video, but that does not mean abuse should be forgiven in general. the scenario of which my video takes place is one crafted to understand the effects of abuse and internalized homophobia. i am by no means glorifying either, or excusing bakugou’s canonical behavior
also, i am a gay boy & would appreciate comments containing words like “yaoi” that dehumanize us to remain at minimal to none. seriously, i’ll block the word if i have to lol

*do not reproduce, repost, copy/trace this video whatsoever. this video isn’t an “animation meme” or work to be replicated. thank you!




  1. I can’t describe by words how much I love this! The colors and the art style look so pleasing to the eye. The storyline goes perfectly and matches the song. Like seriously I LOVE THIS! You did an amazing job! I just have to- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 👏👏 Bravissimo!

  2. Yeehaw this looks HECKA dope, my dude! I hope you get the recognition you deserve! this is top tier art right here <333

  3. DUUUDE THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! this mustve taken so long holy shit, definitely one of my top fav if not my all time fav mha animatic ❤️❤️❤️


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