Panimalar video leaked about pollachi rapists

Panimalar video leaked about pollachi rapists



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  1. correct aa sollirukinga, Baathikkap patte pengal intha insident le erunthu veliya varuvatharkku wookup paduthiyatharkku nandri.👍

  2. I strongly condemn this pollachi incident. Should not have happened. Shocked that it has been going on for long time. Out of those many girls someone would have reported or filed a complaint. Somebody is doing their best to suppress this or they might have political linkage.
    But, I want to point out one thing, why does everyone take social media for granted? You people have nothing else to do?? Why can't you make friends in real life??!! Are you people so dumb for falling to those criminals?? Stop pouring your precious time on social media and get in to the real world. This shameful incident could have been prevented.

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